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Death Grips Merch Death Grips' music continues to challenge audiences and critics alike. Their 2012 album, Exmilitary, is a great example of this. Fans gathered outside of the gallery expected a Death Grips gig. Outside, the gallery was a white-walled, medium-sized space with a makeshift bar. Pabst Blue Ribbon cans were on sale in the back corner of the room.

The band's visual style is a direct reflection of their music. The band's music videos are characterized by a surreal style. Often, their songs are lyrically intense and affecting. For example, their single "On GP" is about the pointlessness of life. The music video for this song features rapping on a car, while "The Fever" is a showmanlike song performed by the band. Other songs feature a grotesque aesthetic that blends rapping and flickering footage.