The 7th house in astrology is the main house of marriage and spouse. Explore your seventh house in the marriage horoscope for everything you wish to know about your married life or spouse. Have you ever come across a situation an astrologer suggests you take due care while getting married? Even though you went to him for matters related to education, career, or others. This prior intimation comes as your seventh house may not be in a good position. A problematic seventh house also troubles a person's career. It is enlightening to know that by keeping your marriage in good shape, you can prosper in your career.

Will your life partner be smarter, richer, attractive, and caring?

Who doesn'tdoesn't want a rich, famous, caring, attractive, loving, and smart life partner? But you will be lucky only if there is a good influence of the planets on the seventh house in the birth chart. The planetary influence at the seventh house and the position of the 7th lord in the birth chart decide the fate of your married life.

With increasing divorce cases and disharmony in marital relations, it is necessary to meet an astrologer to analyze your birth chart. The astrologer may determine the factors causing troubles in your married life. The causes may include delay in marriage, incompatible partners, differences in values and thoughts, etc. Reasons can be many, but solutions can be found through your 7th house in Vedic astrology.

The seventh house is also the house of business partnerships. It indicates all kinds of partnerships a person shares with the outer world. Some people do well in business as sole proprietors and tend to face huge losses as soon as they enter into a long-term business partnership. This is generally the case where the person fails to maintain good contact with the outer world because their seventh house may be under afflictions. Thus, it is essential to rectify the bad impact if present on the seventh house in the birth chart.

Love marriage or Arranged marriage?

Most of us are curious whether we will have a love or an arranged marriage (恋愛か見合い結婚か). If the seventh house or its lord forms any association with the 5th house or its lord, the person usually goes for love marriage. The seventh house may also tell the possibilities of success in your love relations and its ultimate fate. Benefic planets like Jupiter indicate a traditional marriage associated with the seventh house. The planets like Rahu may give an unconventional marriage to the native. Mars also indicates a marriage different from the general norms.

Which planet is the best for the seventh house?

As per astrology, the sight of malefic planets indicates problems, while the benefic planets work to bless a marriage. But here, we need to alter. Planets work according to their strength. If a benefic planet is weak, it can't bless the marriage, and a weak malefic planet can't ruin your marriage. So, we can't specifically say which planet is good or bad in the seventh house. Ideally, the aspects of the benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are considered good for a marriage.

All planets have their natural significations, and they exert the same on the house of their placement. For e.g., Jupiter, the most benefic planet, signifies wisdom, fortunes, marital bliss, etc. Jupiter is also the karaka of marriage in the female chart. Now, if we see Jupiter in the 7th house, we should go over joy because we will enjoy a happy married life. But this may not happen! Jupiter is the karaka of the 7th house, which may create problems in married life by the rule- "Karako bhava Nashaye" which means the karaka in its house may spoil the house. The zodiac sign in which Jupiter is present has to be given importance. Thus, there are many things to check, and the mere presence of a planet can't ensure happiness or miseries in married life.

To take an example of a malefic planet, Saturn may cause delays and obstructions in marriage. Saturn is the karaka of miseries, and if it is there in the 7th house, we will conveniently assume problems in marriage while making life partner predictions. But here, if Saturn is present in its exaltation, friendly or own sign, the native will get a suitable partner and he will enjoy good married life.

The position of Venus, another karaka of marriage, is also very important. If the planet Venus is in affliction or with the trik bhava (6th, 8th, and 12th) lords in the birth chart, the person may not enjoy a good marriage.

Not just the Lagna chart but the navamsha chart has to be seen to get a clearer view of someone's marriage. So, the importance of the seventh house lies in that you can identify every detail about your life partner and marriage through it.
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